Let us help you choose the right blend...


For over 30/31 years we have been providing great tasting coffee to Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Shops and other outlets all over Ireland: choosing the right coffee blend for your establishment can be difficult at ties with so many important factors to consider, none more so than the taste, it can sometimes be confusing.

Here at Coffee Options we like to make it easy for you.  We work alongside with great coffee roasters (at Johnsons coffee) based here in Ireland who have perfected the art of roasting great tasting coffee.  We also take into consideration your water quality, the set up of your coffee machine and giving your staff barista training.

This allows us to recommend a blend suitable to your requirements and needs. We can easily arrange a coffee tasting at our showroom in Donegal or alternatively we can call to your site and set up a tasting at a time that suits you…


Five high grown 100% Arabica origins, washed, honey processed and medium roasted to give a lively, fruity and sweet espresso.

Ballagio Forza

Three high grown washed Arabicas medium/high roasted to give a punchy, full bodied espresso with no bitterness.


Full flavoured espresso with nut and wine notes.


Smooth nutty full bodied espresso with a lingering butterscotch aftertaste.

Copper Mountain

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